Eat Love Sleep

9 Dec

Greetings minions,

Balance. It is a word that’s at once relaxing and intimidating.

You might see balance in two different ways. First, you might see it as being an equal distribution of energies, or substances that creates a sort of collective peace. Or instead, you might see balance as the mechanism of being on the fine line between right and wrong, between holding onself up and falling down. In any sense though, balance suspends us in a sort of tranquility and how long we remain in such a state depends on dedication, and a focused determination.

It is my goal for the year 2012 to find more of a balance in my life and I’m hoping this blog will help me catalogue by journey towards striking such a balance. Now by no means does that mean this will be one of those blogs that advertises the benefits of yoga, and prayer and loving yourself though all three of these things are great and I wouldn’t be completely averse to talking about them! Instead, I want to explore how I might find balance in my own life, in my physical enterprises, and in emotional, spiritual and mental pursuits. Balance to me means different things and while I hope to find it in the coming year, I must also hope to define it! πŸ™‚

You can be sure that this blog will feature everything from television, book and film articles, to charming confessions and stories, to the latest news in technology, media, current affairs, fashion and culture, to recipes for everything from cakes to yogurt-honey facial masks! Hopefully, if indeed anyone reads this blog, you’ll find something that piques your interest and encourages you to follow along on my journey and perhaps join me on my journey!

Can’t wait to start this ! πŸ™‚ I’ve always fashioned myself one of those eat-pray-love types, except I probably sleep more than I pray so I thought the title eat love sleep more appropriate as these three functions are things we’re all capable of, though we’re not always the first to admit to any!

Love yourselves, my non-existent ELSies!

Your bodies are temples and you are all gods and goddesses πŸ™‚

Namaste. πŸ™‚


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